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Cameraman services

Whether you need to shoot an event, a wedding, a video clip or a promotional video, I'm right here!

I understand my techniques well and will make sure that you have quality 4K shots.


Editing and postproduction

Do you have shots, but you don't know how to edit?

Never mind, I can arrange a quality cut according to your ideas.  

Everything is a matter of course

post-production for the shots I shot for you.

Video Editing Timeline
Navrhování loga

Graphic work and visual effects

Do you need a poster for your event or a new business card? Thanks to my connection with experienced graphics and VFX artists, I will also arrange these products for you.

Grafické práce

Mobile TV studio

In cooperation with my school, I can provide a mobile TV studio, which is an ideal and practical solution for recording, for example, your conferences, concerts, events, debates, interviews and many other projects.

Find out more  here.

Broadcast Video Camera
Televizní studo
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