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Personal portfolio and projects

Roofhell Records project

Music videos

  • WolFthinK & ELKO - CHARDONNAY  

  • PEAT - Summer Drive 2

  • ELKO - Odraz

  • WolFthinK - Yes SiSi

  • WolFthinK - HEAT (visual)

  • BLOOD RAVE - Kdo Jsem

Event production

  • Baptism of the album ODRAZ by ELKO - Teepee, Brno Dam

  • Concert at Masarova Elementary School

  • Performance of RHR performers in the Zlata Lod, Brno

  • Disco Veset, Hrusovany n. Jevisovkou


About the project

Since February 2021 until December of the same year, I was part of the student project Roofhell Records.

Our goal was to provide both performers (beginners / advanced) and other clients with the highest quality, yet available media products, which included all visual production, audio production, mix & master, merch, social management. networks and many more.

In our team, we put together a great team of young and talented people who were happy to work with!

I still work on projects with some of them. These people include Lukáš Nerud (ELKO) and Josef Wolf (WolFthink). With them, I continue to create music videos and produce events.

Roofhell Records YouTube Channel

Roofhell Records

YouTube channel and content management

During my time at Roofhell Records, I also worked on my own projects.

These projects include the management of three YouTube channels. For these channels

I focused mainly on editing and production since the middle of year 2021 until the end of the same year.

It was my editing knowledge that I had been gathering from other creators for the last 6 years that I was able to apply during this collaboration and thus achieve a rapid increase in the average watch time.

YouTube obsah
Dokumentární tvorba


Stepan Hartl
documentary portrait

The first documentary film was a portrait of Štěpán Hartl, my friend and athlete.

We also created content together on YouTube and Instagram. In the documentary, we discuss his love for sports as well as his life on social media.

This document was presented and evaluated as a final thesis in the second semester of the first year of my studies at High School of Arts.

poetic document

In the third year, together with my classmate and colleague Šimon Horák, I created a poetic documentary about the life of people in the area of housing estates and urban life called "ANHEDONIA" - is a component of depressive disorders which represents the inability to experience positive emotions and feelings.

We investigated the depressive surroundings of Starý Lískovec in Brno as well as the city center.

In the documentary, we focused on capturing the feelings of the environment using a dynamic shots and editing.

The entire film is shot in the observational way of narration. The situations and environment in the film were therefore not interfered with in any way by our influence.

documentary portrait

As an individual project, I am also creating a documentary portrait about Bedřich Zahradník, my grandfather, who was interrogated and imprisoned by Czecho-Slovak police officers at the age of seventeen. After his release, he trained as a waiter and worked all over Czechoslovakia. His hobby was collecting beer labels.

His life is full of incredible stories and experiences, which are personally narrated by himslef in this documentary.

In this film, I used an archival and observational method of narration as well as participatory.

I`m still working on the movie, so the link only has a preview to play for now.

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